About Us

Silly Cheeks was started by two sisters with a passion for arts and crafts. The company has grown into one of the best entertainment companies in NYC and NJ, bringing exceptional high quality service with a focus on professionalism. It includes a team of the BEST face painters and balloon artists available for private parties and corporate events in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut. All of our artists have completed specific training in their profession and are ready to bring some unforgettable moments to your event. Silly Cheeks was recently named as one of Ten Fantastic Face Painters in Mommy Poppins!

About the Creators of Silly Cheeks


Perla is a passionate and talented visionary who loves to draw, paint, sculpt, sew, fold origami, and create beauty with makeup. I know that is a lot of arts and crafts! But being artistic was in her DNA. Both of her parents were exquisite seamstresses that ran their own boutique for custom designs. Perla was always intrigued by the different colors and patterns of fabrics and the beautiful pieces of garments that became of them. In college she attended various art courses and still continues to dedicate her time to learn and experiment with unique and cool designs. It was not until she became a mother that she discovered the joy of painting on a canvas that would smile back at you. It was her daughter that inspired her when she excitedly said: "Mommy I want to be Hello Kitty for Halloween€!" Perla, being the artistic mommy, bought a face painting kit and made her into an adorable Kitty. From then on she started painting her children’s faces (and hubby’s too) on a daily basis. Face painting has now become such a huge part of her that she literally dreams in colors. It has allowed her to take her creativity to the next level while fulfilling every child’s imagination.


Stacy has been a lover of the arts before she was even potty trained. As a little girl, she would doodle on the walls of her family home and get herself into plenty of trouble. When she started school, art class was always her favorite class, whether it was coloring with Crayolas, drawing little animals or sharing her artwork for the school yearbook. Her passion for the arts and photography came naturally; however, she doubted she could make a career out of it and didn’€™t want to become a part of the starving artists club. She went on to obtain a Master's Degree in Public Health and established a career as a public health educator while keeping her love for the arts as a hobby on the side. When she became a mother, she took leave from her career and had more time to dedicate to her love of the arts. She loved being a mommy and wanted to work with children, and that's how face painting came into the picture. She started taking face painting classes and started painting on her family, friends and everyone she knew. She has been face painting ever since and loves every part of it, but the biggest reward is when she sees those big smiles on the little kid's faces when they see their faces being transformed by her artwork. Art is not just a painting hanging on a wall in a gallery, but alive and a wonder for all to enjoy, like in face painting.